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Outcomes Of The 2020 World Coffee Research Stakeholder Consultations Published

IWCA Uganda Chapter was represented during the World Coffee Research (WCR) Stakeholder Consultations that were held in February/March of this year. WCR has prepared and published the conclusions of that effort, including a final report.

Additionally, World Coffee Research launched a wide-ranging consultation of coffee sector participants during the spring of 2020 to better understand the awareness across the coffee sector of existing agricultural research and development (R&D) efforts, and global and regional priorities. Four key shared priorities were identified across the global community of stakeholders consulted.

These include the following:

  1. Farmer profitability as the lynch pin of sustainability
  2. Origin diversity for supply chain risk mitigation and flavor diversity
  3. Quality—consistency and flavor
  4. Climate adaptation and mitigation

At present, World Coffee Research is working to build the 2020-2025 strategy, and these priorities will be critical anchors for our decisions and direction, and the contribution of IWCA Uganda Chapter to this process has been invaluable in helping shape the direction of WCR for the coming years.
A copy of the full report Coffee Agricultural R&D Awareness and Priorities Consultation is available online at https://worldcoffeeresearch.org/work/global-consultation-2020/
A downloadable version of the WCR 2019 Annual Report, which provides much more detail on the progress to date is available. World of Coffee Annual Report, 2019 https://worldcoffeeresearch.org/work/annual-report-2019/

Additional information about the World Coffee Research is available at https://worldcoffeeresearch.org/