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It is a basic human right for women to enjoy full legal equality and equality of opportunity, to have the same life prospects as any man. The Ugandan society stands to benefit more if the full potential of women, who constitute more than half the population is equitably harnessed. This can only be facilitated by the elimination of the socio-cultural obstacles which prevent women from equitable access to opportunities in a male-dominated society. Despite the structural limitations, effective women representation that is essential for women to know and demand for their rights is also lacking.

The IWCA Uganda Chapter works to lobby and advocate for women involvement in coffee activities, including meaningful involvement in leadership activities. Through this, the focus is on powering women to take part in decision making at policy and strategic level, within their communities and at the national level. IWCA Uganda Chapter is making this possible by, inter alia:

  • Organizing and conducting proactive community-level lobby and advocacy campaigns to sensitize women and men on the criticality of equitable, inclusive engagement, especially of women, at all levels, in all aspects of the coffee value chain.
  • Conducting outreach missions– to selected population groups in communities, schools, and all possible forums, engage with community leaders on issues of women empowerment, mentor the women, sensitize and educate them about the possibilities at their disposal.
  • Optimally utilizing art,– music, dance and drama, new media, role plays and one-on-one mentoring to women and men in communities, girls and boys in schools, to illustrate how they all have the potential for excellence beyond what tradition, society and culture has taught them to believe, inconsistent with their human rights and entitlements.
  • Designing and disseminating information, education and communication (IEC) materials with simple, clear messages—translated in local languages as appropriate, to promote women’s knowledge of, and awareness of their potential to influence community and national development agenda.
  • Designing and delivering confidence building activities– by sharing success stories and lessons learnt about how and where women are making a positive contribution through involvement in leadership and decision-making roles in their communities, to bring about the change necessary for women and empower, participation and demand for their rights.