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The IWCA Uganda Chapter is a nonprofit, membership-based organization that represents women in the various coffee value chains in Uganda, from farmers, producers and traders to baristas, roasters and exporters all over Uganda. Built on foundations of Respect, sustainability, abundance, integrity, collaboration and the need to make a difference, we act as a unifying force within the coffee industry.

We celebrate and nurture diversity. We understand the importance of equitable involvement in local coffee production (and consumption!) and strive to connect every woman with the resources to improve their opportunities and make their voice heard on a national and global stage.

Becoming part of the Uganda women in coffee community brings added benefits, such as access to our newsletters, directories of actors in the the different coffee value chains, attendance of coffee and other membership events at free or concessional rates as well as local events and activities organized and supported by our partners.

If your business is coffee, or you love coffee and would like to see women excel in coffee, then this is the place for you. Explore, collaborate, progress and inspire as we build a sustainable future for Uganda’s coffee today, with women at as enabling champions.


  • You’ll become part of the IWCA global community
  • You’ll network with experts and benefit from skills and knowledge essential to boost your productivity along any of the coffee value chains in which you’re involved
  • You’ll obtain essential market information for coffee in and out of Uganda
  • You’ll benefit from training and capacity building on good coffee farming practices
  •  You’ll access information on national and international meetings and conferences
  •  You’ll gain direct access to coffee buyers and exporters through our women groups
  • You’ll enjoy discounts on fee-based activities such as training, seminars, exhibitions, and conferences

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