Who we are

About IWCA Uganda Chapter


To empower women in the international coffee community to achieve meaningful and sustainable lives; and to encourage and recognize the participation of women in all aspects of the coffee industry


We envision a society where women are empowered to equitably get involved in decision-making at all levels within the coffee value chain in Uganda.


he International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) Uganda Chapter is part of a global network of self-organized, self-governing women in coffee lobby and advocacy organizations. At the global level, women from Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and the United States of America came together to focus on their shared interest: improve all aspects of the coffee industry by empowering and connecting women. With their vision, and the support of founding partners, the International Women’s Coffee Alliance was born. Over time, and with important partnerships within and across the industry, the idea grew into an established organization that connects individuals, communities, and organizations, empowering women to lead the way to sustainable livelihoods, ultimately advancing the global coffee industry. It is upon this background that the IWCA Uganda Chapter was formed in 2010 as part of this global network. We develop and implement our own goals and objectives to advance women’s cause in the coffee sector in Uganda

Our Core Values

  • Respect : We believe every woman has a unique and valid voice. Therefore, we respect every woman and her ideas equally.
  • Sustainability : We support programs that foster harmony of environmental, social, and economic impact.
  • Abundance : We demonstrate and model generosity, supporting programs that encourage the equitable allocation of resources in the world.
  • Integrity : We understand that our ultimate reason for being is to serve women in our industry and to make decisions with honesty, integrity, and in accordance with this goal.
  • Collaboration : Because communities hold the solutions to their own problems, we believe the best way to impact communities that we serve is through collaboration and partnership.
  • Making a Difference : We believe that all women can make a difference while earning a living.