Strategic Objectives

For the IWCA Uganda Chapter to achieve its vision, mission, objectives and make an impact, we are focusing on improving the livelihoods and resilience of women in the coffee value chain for equitable and sustainable business and production environment as well as address women participation constraints. To reach this goal, several changes will be pursued to empower and re-tool women participate at the same level as men in the coffee value chain. To achieve this we seek to:

  • Provide training and capacity building for women to confidently take up leadership roles along the coffee value chain
  • Take full advantage of information technology and other cost-friendly approaches to pursue lobbying and advocacy strategies for women’s social and economic empowerment
  • Conduct surveys, assessments and essential research to establish and address production impediments and constraints including equitable access to resources, effects of climate change
  • Provide essential information to women on existing and prospective markets for coffee within the entire value chain, in and out of Uganda
  • Profile existing and potential funding partners that provide the needed financial resources to support outreach, training, mentoring and skilling of women in the coffee sector, as well as sensitize women about their rights.
  • Leverage modern information technology and new media to enhance visibility, publish newsletters on activities, reach out to key stakeholders and effectively lobby and advocate for women in coffee
  • Commit resources and effort to monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness and impact of programs implemented towards addressing constraints associated with women in coffee in Uganda