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IWCA focuses on efforts to support and build programs focusing on four pillars. These programs are delivered to the production site to help women participate in the coffee supply chain to succeed. These pillars are explained below. Please consider the success of women involved in the coffee industry and donations to support our activities.

1. Branch operation and development

Leaders and members of the IWCA branch are required for branch success

It enables us to improve general administrative procedures and skills.

  • Board leadership · Skill workshops
  • Finance for branch leaders 101 Training
  • Strategic planning workshop

2. Improvement of the community

We aimed to improve various aspects of the community where female coffee producers live including social service efforts and support activities.

  • Scholarships for children of coffee producers to go to school
  • Health checkup for female coffee producers and their families. People who have never attended a doctor are mostly.
  • Hosted a handicraft workshop. We will help female coffee producers gain additional income sources.

3. Coffee training & education

Practical skill development involves women involved in the coffee industry, Information and tools necessary for strengthening the entire process of coffee production from seeds to cups, and provide skills.

  • Negotiation of item prices with buyers
  • Demonstration for enhancing coffee productivity
  • Coffee cultivation in the world, rapidly spreading, weakening crops, responding to rust disease prevention in each area
  • IWCA Dominican Republic branch “Activities for diversification 

: Donation to coffee by passion fruit “Click here (jump to English page)

4. Coffee Fund / Development of Buildings

Includes construction or building, coffee cultivation and production or development of goods related to the production process.

  • Purchase of coffee · pulper (flesh removal machine) for coffee plantations operated by women
  • Construct a cleaning station in the vicinity so that producers do not have to carry the seeds far
  • Purchase a machine to remove coffee cherry hulls