Leadership & Governance


The General Assembly is the sovereign organ of the IWCA Uganda Chapter. It is composed of all the paid-up members of the IWCA Uganda Chapter, and convenes once every year. The General Assembly constitutes the main deliberative, policymaking and representative organ of the IWCA Uganda Chapter. The Annual General Meeting provides a unique forum for discussion of issues to advance the objective and aspirations of the IWCA Uganda Chapter.

The Governing Board is the overall corporate authority of the IWCA Uganda Chapter. The purpose of the Board is to ensure the IWCA Uganda Chapter’s prosperity by collectively directing its affairs on behalf of the members, whilst meeting the interests of its stakeholders. It performs overall oversight, and convenes the General Assembly

The Secretariat Headed by a Chief Executive Officer, the Secretariat constitutes the implementation organ of the IWCA Uganda Chapter. It administers and coordinates the activities of the IWCA Uganda Chapter.

The Board

career has been in quality control at the UCDA, where she currently serves as a Quality Assurance Manager. A member of the outgoing board, Doreen brings a wealth of experience in coffee quality analysis, training and capacity building that is essential in equipping the women with essential quality assurance skills through out the coffee value chain.

Ms. Doreen Rose Rweihangwe

President & Board Chairperson

is an advocate of the Courts of Judicature in Uganda and Legal consultant. She currently works with Legal Department of PostBank Uganda Limited. Rebecca served as Chief Executive of Nile Hotel International, and is a member of Gogochi Cooperative Society which engages in buying and selling of Arabica Coffee to Bugisu Cooperative Union, also involved in the sale of coffee seedlings.

Ms. Rebecca Kisolo

Vice Chairperson

is the Chief Executive Officer of Omukazi W’omutima Limited, a social enterprise agribusiness program focusing on women as ‘change agents’ at household level. The program which prioritizes the coffee value chain has membership of over 7, 000 farmers, out of whom 4,452 focus on coffee as the main crop. She is a farmer with over 10 acres of coffee and mother garden with a capacity of over 3,000 plants

Mrs. Tumwesigye Consolata

Board Secretary

is former Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industries and Fisheries. Among other engagements, she is also Chairperson of the Governing Board of Uganda Agribusiness Alliance. She’s the Founder and Managing Director of the Uganda Culture Community Centre through which she promotes reading by establishing and supporting both urban and rural community libraries.

Hon. Victoria Sekitoleko

Board Member

serves with the Uganda Coffee Development Authority as Manager of Human Resources, with over ten years of experience in organizational development, change management, competence development, mentoring and coaching. Angelita is highly passionate about Uganda’s coffee value chains, with a strong interest in enhancement of the roles of the different actors, especially women, in the coffee sub-sector at the strategic level.

Ms. Angelita Musimenta

Board Member

also serves as a Board Member of Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), She is also the Managing Director of Kato Investments Limited, Zigoti Coffee Works (Uganda) Limited and Enro Hotel Limited. Rose has been actively engaged in the coffee sector for over 20 years and has experience working with coffee value chain stakeholders, especially farmers, and analyzing coffee trends.

Mrs. Rose Kato

Board Member

has over 30 years of experience in agriculture, banking and rural Finance, with a demonstrated ability of successful project management and business development, consistently achieving significant, unequalled growth and development targets over. Ruth is a seasoned agricultural trainer. She has been a pillar in skilling, imparting agricultural knowledge enabling a high level of public and private engagement in agricultural projects.

Mrs. Ruth Isingoma

Board Member

is the Managing Director of Coffee World (Uganda) Limited since 2008 . She is a member of the African Fine Coffees Association (AFCA), and the International Women in Coffee Association since 2014. As part of her involvement in agriculture, Mrs. Mayanja supports seven Women Farmers Groups in Kapchorwa District of Eastern Uganda, where she is working to install a wet milling plant to ease women’s access to markets.

Mrs. Ann Mayanja

Board Member

brings a wealth of experience in profiling, from the humanitarian and development fields. He has worked with the Government of Uganda on project activities, with the US Agency for International Development in Uganda, German Development Cooperation and with the United Nations in Vanuatu, Niger, Sudan, Iraq, and Nigeria on standby partnership programs with Catholic Relief Services and iMMAP Inc. Richard is a coffee farmer and trader. He engages both women and men in coffee activities.

Mr. Richard Sennoga

Board Member